Board of Educational Examiners

Career and Technical Authorization Requirements



Effective July 1, 2003, individuals teaching in Iowa community colleges are no longer required to hold state issued teaching licenses. The Board of Educational Examiners no longer issues any community college endorsements. The BOEE doesn't license community college teachers, administrators, counselors, or support personnel. Contact individual colleges to determine minimum requirements for employment at that institution.

You can find more information on Career & Technical Education on the Iowa Department of Education website.

Career and Technical Authorization

The primary requirement for licensure in a Career and Technical area is 6,000 hours of hands on work experience or 4,000 hours if the applicant has a BA degree.

Requirements for Provisional Career and Technical Authorization

--- Provisional Career and Technical secondary authorization . Valid for three years.

Note: This authorization is provided to noneducators entering the education profession to instruct in occupations and specialty "fields" that are recognized in vocational service areas and career cluster areas.

Applicants must commit to complete initial requirements:
A new teacher's workshop of a minimum of thirty clock hours and specified competencies.

  1. Methods and techniques of teaching.
  2. Course and curriculum development.
  3. Measurement and evaluation of programs and students.
  4. History and philosophy (foundations) of vocational and career education.
  5. Coursework in the instruction of exceptional learners to include the education of individuals with disabilities and the gifted and talented
  6. Human Relations
  7. Ethics Training

Note: Individuals who feel that their previous professional experiences (five years of properly licensed, full time postsecondary teaching experience) formal education and preparation (completion of equivalent course work) indicate mastery of competencies in the required study areas may have such requirements waived. Transcripts or other supporting data should be provided to a teacher educator at one of the institutions which has approved teacher education programs. The results of the competency determination will be forwarded with recommendations to the board of educational examiners. Department personnel will make final determination as to the competencies mastered and cite studies which yet need to be completed, if any.

c. Six thousand hours of recent and relevant occupational experience or 4,000 hours if the applicant has a BA degree. The experience should have been accrued within 10 years prior to the date of application.

In those subjects, Career and Technical areas or endorsement areas which require state registration, certification or licensure, each applicant must hold the appropriate license, registration or certificate before the issuance of the Initial or the Career and Technical Authorization.