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Uses of Campaign Funds


1.  The following provisions govern the use of campaign funds:

A.  Iowa Code sections 68A.302 and 68A.303

B.  Rule 351 IAC 4.25 of the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board

2.  As a general overview, campaign funds are to be used for:

A.  Campaign purposes

B.  Educational or other expenses associated with duties of office

C.  Constituency services

3.  Campaign funds are not to be used for personal expenses or personal benefit

4.  The following are common examples of what is and is not permitted:


A.  All forms of campaign advertising and other general expenses associated with a campaign

B.  Travel and lodging expenses for campaign or officeholder purposes, including training sessions/ workshops.  Meal expenses are not permitted unless for campaign purposes.

C.  Contributions to political parties and county central committees

D.  Payments for fundraiser tickets to another candidate's event, or a PAC event, for two people so long as they actually attend.

E.  Purchase or lease of campaign equipment such as computers, phones, fax machines, copiers

F.  Purchase or lease of campaign office space

G.  Payment of salaries/expenses for campaign staff

H.  Payment of food expenses for campaign related events

I.    Contributions to charitable organizations

J.    Mailings/newsletters sent to constituents

K.  Holiday/greeting cards sent to constituents     


A.  Personal services of attorney or accountant unless campaign related

B.  Clothing/laundry expenses unless clothing is campaign advertising

C.  Purchase of motor vehicle or lease of motor vehicle unless vehicle used for campaign purposes

D.  Mortgage or rental payments for residency (including in Des Moines during term of office)

E.  Membership in professional organizations

F.  Food expenses unless campaign related

G.  Contributions to a PAC (except for the fundraiser exception discussed above)

H.  Contributions to another candidate (except for fundraiser exception or joint expenses)

5.  Iowa Code sections 68A.302 and 68A.303 and Board rule 351 IAC 4.25 provide an extensive list of permissible and impermissible expenditures from campaign funds.