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Common Errors-County Local Committees



* No attribution statement on advertisements. Most political materials are required to contain the statement "paid for by" followed by 1) the name and complete address of the person paying for the material OR 2) the name of the registered committee that is paying for the ad.

* A signature is missing. Signatures of both officers are required for the DR-1. The disclosure reports are also required to be signed, as well as the Notice of Dissolution (DR-3) when the committee closes. (Electronically filed reports using our web-based filing system do not require signatures.)

* Unitemized receipts on Schedule A are incorrectly identified. Be sure these are entered as "unitemized", not anonymous (which are prohibited over $25) or miscellaneous cash.

* Purpose of expenditure on Schedule B is left blank. The purpose of each expenditure is required to be disclosed. * Contributions to other candidates and PACs. Committee funds are prohibited from being used to support other candidates or PACs. This includes both monetary and in-kind.

* Acceptance of a corporate contribution. Only local ballot issue committees are allowed to accept corporate funds. All other committees are prohibited from accepting these contributions and will be required to return them.

* Contributors in excess of $1000 also required to file. Any organization that contributes to a political committee in excess of $1000 is also required to file with the Board. Please inform these contributors to contact the Board.

* Wrong election date. If you are on the ballot for a primary election, use the primary election date. You do not yet know if you will be on the ballot for the November election. If you then appear on the general election ballot, contact this office to update the election date. This is especially important for city candidates since your filing dates are triggered by the election dates.

This is an abbreviated list, but does contain the most common errors made on reports at the county/local level of filing.