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Getting Off to a Good Start

A Summary of Our Paperwork:

DR-SFA - This form is for persons that may or may not cross the $1000 financial threshold but want to use a committee name on their advertising before they cross the threshold that requires filing reports. See "paid for by" attribution information.

DR-1 - This is your Statement of Organization and is required to be filed within ten days of crossing the $1000 financial threshold including your own money. You will only file this form again if there are any changes to any information contained on the form. The amended form must be filed within 30 days of the change in information. Only the information that has changed needs to be filled out. No campaign disclosure report is required at the time of filing this form unless it is filed at the time of a normal report due date. A candidate with an open committee that exceeds $1000 in activity for another office shall file within 10 days either a new or amended DR-1 disclosing information concerning the campaign for the new office sought.

DR-2 - This is the cover sheet for your campaign disclosure reports. For every entry on this form, you will attach a corresponding schedule page. Begin your first report with zero and record all financial activity of the committee. There is an instruction page on the web for each form, as well as on the back of the paper forms.

Schedule A shows all cash contributions to the committee, including your personal funds, and should correspond directly with your bank statement. This would also include interest earned by the account and automatically deposited into the account.
Schedule B shows all expenditures of the committee (required to be in check form).  This would also include service charges and bank fees automatically taken out by the bank.
Schedule C does not exist.
Schedule D shows all debts of the committee - example: if printing is ordered and not yet done or paid for, it belongs here. If you do not know the exact amount, use an estimate.
Schedule E shows all in-kind contributions (goods or services donated for free or at reduced cost) - example: someone donates supplies to make campaign signs and does not want to be reimbursed, the fair market value of the supplies would be shown here.
Schedule F shows all loans - example: if you put $600 in the committee checking account to get the campaign going, that would be shown here and you can write yourself a check at any time to reduce the debt gradually or pay it in full.
Schedule G shows expenditures to consultants and how the consultant spends that money.
Schedule H shows campaign property in excess of $500. Once reported, the property must keep being shown until it has a value of less than $100. This schedule is for candidates only.

DR-3- This form is required to be filed to end the committees filing requirements. The committee must have a zero balance in the checking account and no outstanding debts or loans in order to close. The form MUST be filed for the committee to be closed.

If you have questions when filling out your paperwork, please contact the Board at (515) 281-4028