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1. Filing a campaign disclosure report late.
2. Failing to place a "paid for by" attribution statement on political material (except for yard signs under 32 square feet, bumper stickers, clothing, and items of small size).
3. Accepting a corporate contribution or placing campaign materials on corporate property.
4. Placing campaign signs on public property including the public right-of-way.
5. Filing a Statement of Organization late (within 10 days of crossing financial threshold) or filing an amended statement late to reflect changes in information (within 30 days of change). A candidate with an open committee that exceeds $750 in activity for another office shall file within 10 days either a new or amended DR-1 disclosing information concerning the campaign for the new office sought.
6. Accepting contributions in excess of $25 without knowing name and address of donor.
7. Using campaign funds for improper purposes (Iowa Code sections 68A.302 and 68A.303 and Board rule 351 IAC 4.25 set out proper purposes).
8. Using public resources for a political purpose.
9. Ignoring a letter from the Board or relying on someone other than the Board for answers to campaign finance questions.

10. Filing a Statement of Dissolution late (due within 30 days of closing committee).