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Reporting Dates


DR-3 Statement of Dissolution


Every committee continues to have a disclosure filing obligation until it (1) has paid or transferred all of its debts or obligations, (2) reduced its cash balance to zero, (3) if a candidate’s committee, sold or transferred its campaign property, AND (4) filed a final report showing these transactions and a Statement of Dissolution form.

The Statement of Dissolution must be filed within thirty (30) days of the committee’s dissolution. A copy of the final bank statement must be filed as soon as possible (This requirement only applies to state committees). Leftover funds (including, for candidates’ committees, receipts from the sale of campaign property) must be distributed according to Iowa Code section 68A.303 and rule 351 IAC 4.42.

If you are filing in-between due dates, be sure the Statement of Dissolution is accompanied by a completed Disclosure Report Form current to the date of dissolution, even if there has been no activity since the last filing. Remember that disclosure reports are required to be filed on the respective due dates until such time as the Statement of Dissolution has been received.