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Regulatory Agency Consents for Sales/Leases


Pursuant to Iowa Code section 68B.4 and Board rule 351-6.11, an official or employee of a regulatory agency is required to receive consent prior to selling or leasing goods or services to persons subject to the authority of the official's or employee's agency. Copy of the consent is to be filed with the Board within 20 days of consent being granted.


Click on the name of the Agency to see all the reports filed by that agency. Agencies will be filing reports throughout the year so it will be necessary to periodically check and see if a new report has been filed.

Architectural Examing Board (last updated 7/22/2014)
Board of Pharmacy (last updated 1/19/2017)
Department of Agriculture (last updated 06/20/2007)
Department of Commerce(last updated 07/27/2006)
Department of Education (last updated 5/25/2016)
Department of Public Health (last updated 10/19/2010)
Department of Transportation (last updated 10/15/2007)
Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board (last updated 12/21/2006)


Click here for the list of regulatory agencies.

Click here to view Iowa Code section 68B.4.

Click here to see the procedure for seeking and granting consent (rule 6.11).