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Consents for Sales - Department of Education




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Carol Ross -  (Polk County Auditor)
Sarah Brown - (Problem Solving Solutions)
Thomas Mayes - (Keri Roland)
Shea Cook - (William Penn)
Tom Detter - (US Dept of Education)
Diane Chadwick -(US Dept of Education)
Thomas Mayes -(National Veterans Legal Services)
Carol Ross - (Polk County Auditor)
Zoe Thornton - (Iowa State University)
Thomas Rendon - (Alabama Dept. of Education (ADE))
Ann Lebo - (Waldorf University)
Monica Rouse - (Ask Resource Center)
Sean Casey - (Virginia Dept. of Education)
Stefanie Wager - (Hawaii Dept. of Education)
Stefanie Wager - (Grandview)
Angela Matsuoka - (Grandview)
James Flansburg - (freelance)




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