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Agency Reporting of Gifts and Bequests - 2012


Agencies will be filing reports throughout the year so it will be necessary to periodically check and see if a new report has been filed

Click on the name of the Agency to see all the reports filed by that agency for items received in 2012.

Agricultural Development Authority -report added October 11, 2012
Auditor of State - report added May 15, 2012
Department of Administrative Services no reports
Department for the Blind no reports
Department of Corrections -report added April 30, 2013
Department of Cultural Affairs (report for entire year)
Department of Education no reports
Department of Human Rights-report added July 24, 2012
Department of Human Services -report added January 16, 2013
Department of Management no reports
Department of Public Defense -report added December 18, 2012
Department of Public Safety - report added Decmeber 18, 2012
Department of Veterans Affairs-report added November 14, 2012
Inspections & Appeals -Child Advocacy Board - report added December 27
Inspections & Appeals  -Public Defender -report added May 15, 2012
Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) -report added May 30, 2012
Iowa Workforce Development - report added October 17, 2012
IPERS - report for December 2012 added February 2013
Office of the Governor - report added November 6, 2012
Secretary of State - report added January 15, 2013