Campaign Finance Web Reporting

First Steps

*The system has a 20 minute logout. Be sure to logout when finished, or you may get a re-direct error or unexpected error if you try to login prior to the timeout period.

After filing the Statement of Organization (DR-1) and receiving your password, you will be able to do the following on-line:

Amend the Statement of Organization (DR-1) to reflect any changes such as a new address, new treasurer, new election year;

File or amend your Schedules (Disclosure Report DR-2);

File your Dissolution (DR-3) to end your filing obligation.

These three options are presented on the left side of the screen for committees, as Organization (DR-1), Schedules (DR-2), and Dissolution (DR-3). Click on the one you want to use.

Statement of Organization (DR-1) - The DR-1 Statement of Organization is amended by going to the section for the changes you want to make. For example, "treasurer" section for a change to treasurer or treasurer address, "bank accounts" for a change or addition to bank accounts. After making the changes, click "Save and Continue". If you have another section to amend, click on that section. When changes are completed, click on "Amend DR-1."

Schedules (DR-2) - "Summary" shows a summary total of all transactions entered for the period. The various other sections listed under "Schedules" take you to the appropriate schedule for entering information. For example, click "Contributions" to enter contributions or money taken in.

Dissolution (DR-3) - When the campaign is over and the final report is filed, submit the Dissolution to close the committee. Follow the instructions that come up after you click on Dissolution.

When it is time to begin a new filing period, go to Summary and click on "New Period" along the top of the screen.

To amend a filed disclosure report (DR-2), click on "Summary, then Filing History" to select the period, unless it is the most recent, and make the change. It is not necessary to re-submit a filed report. The amendment is automatically filed as you save any changes to the previously filed period.

"Contacts" are the individuals, businesses, organizations, and committees that have transactions with your committee. A complete list of committees is incorporated in the system. Contacts unique to your committee may be added from the left side of screen when you are in Schedules, or as you are entering transactions to the schedules. (Entering as you go is probably most efficient.


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