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Help for DR-2 Disclosure Summary Report

The following links will let you navigate directly to help pages for specific DR-2 areas:

Create Filing Period Schedule F1 (Loans Received)
Filing Period History Schedule F2 (Loans Repaid)
Contacts Schedule G (Consultant)
Schedule A (Contributions) Schedule G2 (Consultant Expenditure)
Schedule B (Expenditures) Schedule H1 (Property Acquired)
Schedule D (Unpaid Bills) Schedule H2(Property Sold)
Schedule E (In Kind Contributions)  

The following sections contain links to other reference, information and instructions that will aid in Electronic Filing with IECDB:


Each time you need to begin creating a report, you must click on "New Period" located along top to create the DR-2 for the new period. From that DR-2 you will access reporting schedules as needed.

When you are ready to submit the report, click on “Submit DR-2.”  The file status will then show as “Filed.”

To amend, click on "Filing History", find the period that you need to make the change in and click on it. This will take you to the DR-2 for that period.

Click on "Print" to print any or all of the schedules and the summary.

You can adjust your cash balance from the summary page by clicking on "Adjust". "Cascade" adjusts balances forward from an amended report. Inventory does NOT cascade and will need to be adjusted or added in the appropriate periods, except where a new period is created AFTER an amendment is filed.

This page shows the filing status, beginning and ending dates of the report you are working with, as well as the due date. Be sure reports are submitted on or before the due date.

Statewide/General Assembly candidates, state PACs, and state parties must submit a reconciled campaign bank statement every January.