Campaign Finance Web Reporting

Help for DR-2 Schedule A Contributions

Schedule A Form Fields:

Name Type Required
Contributor Alpha/Numeric Yes
Date Select Box Yes
Amount Numeric Yes
Check # Alpha/Numeric Yes, when Contributor is a Committee
From Fund Raiser Checkbox No
Candidates Own Funds Checkbox No
Interest Checkbox No
Unitemized Checkbox No
Reverse Checkbox No
Explanation Alpha/Numeric No

Schedule A - Contributions

  1. Click on "Contributions" on the left side of the screen. The first time it will show no contributions. Click on "New Contribution" to add a transaction.
  2. Select "Contributor Type" from the dropdown. If the contact has been used before or is a committee, the application will search as you type in the "Contributor" field. When you tab to the next field, the address information will be completed.
  3. If the contact is new, type in the name and address information and when you save the transaction, the contact will be saved to your contact list.
  4. Provide information in the other fields, as required.
  5. When you click on "Save Contribution", you will return to the Contribution list. Click on "New Contribution" to add another transaction, if appropriate.
  6. To end session, click on "Logout" (left side of screen, under "Settings"). When the report is complete, file by clicking on Submit DR-2 on the Summary page.

  1. For unitemized contributions under your level ($25 or less for candidates or PACs, $50 or less for county statutory committees and $200 or less for state statutory committees in a calendar year) place a check in the "Unitemized" box.
  2. If the receipt is proceeds from a fundraiser auction, check the box "from fundraiser".
  3. If you are reporting receipt of the candidates own funds, check the box for "Candidates Own Funds" and the name and address information will be automatically inserted.
  4. If you are reporting interest earned, enter the contact information, then check the box for "Interest" and the explanation will be automatically inserted.
  5. If you are reporting a reversal of money taken in, such as a contribution check that is returned for insufficient funds, enter the contact information, then check the box "Reverse". The amount will automatically be deducted from the contributions total.
  6. Enter an explanation only for unusual circumstances, such as a reverse entry.
  7. NOTE: All committees except ballot issues are prohibited from accepting any direct or indirect contributions from corporations. Under certain circumstances, your committee may have accepted a refund from a corporation that is permitted. Check with IECDB if you have questions.
  8. NOTE: Direct or indirect contributions from one candidate's committee to another are prohibited.
  9. Anonymous contributions in excess of $25 are prohibited from being received.
  10. The contributor is the name printed on the check.