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Help for DR-2 Schedule D Unpaid Bills

Schedule D Form Fields:




Owed To Alpha/Numeric Yes
Date Select Box Yes
 Exp. Type Select Box Yes
Amount Numeric Yes
Explanation Alpha/Numeric No (except for some expenditure types)

Schedule D - Unpaid Bills

  1. Click on "Debts". The first time it will show no debts. Click on the "New Debt" to add a transaction.
  2. On the next screen start typing in the name field (after you have selected the "Contact" type to find).
  3. Select the contact if entered previously. If this is a new contact, enter the address information.
  4. Enter the required information for the unpaid bill and click on "Save Debt ".
  5. On the next screen click on "New Debt" and follow the above steps to add additional "Unpaid Bills".
  6. If actual figure is unknown, indicate estimated in the explanation.
  7. Include debts previously reported that remain unpaid.
  8. To end session, click on "Logout" (left side of screen, under "Settings"). When the report is complete, file by clicking on Submit DR-2 on the Summary page.