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Help for DR-2 Schedule G Consultant

Schedule G Form Fields:




Consultant Name Alpha/Numeric Yes
From Date Select Box Yes
To Date Select Box Yes
Compensation Amount Numeric Yes
Explanation Alpha/Numeric Yes

 Schedule G - Consultant

  1. Click on "Consultant" on the left side of the screen . The first time it will show no consultant transactions. Click on the "New Consultant" to add consultant summary details (Individuals or vendors providing third-party services to candidates’ committees, such as an advertising agency that prepares and places radio or TV ads, must be listed here.).
  2. On the next screen start typing in the name field (after you have selected the "Contact" type to find). Select the contact if entered previously. If this is a new contact, enter the address information. Enter the required information for the consultant. Enter an explanation or description of the contracted services and click on "Save Consultant". On the next screen click on "New Consultant" and follow the above steps to add additional consultant transactions.
  3. To enter details of expenditures by the consultant on behalf of the committee (i.e., payments to radio stations), click on the "Expenses" to the right of the consultant that you need to add expenditure transactions for (you may also edit or remove consultants here).
  4. To end session, click on "Logout" (left side of screen, under "Settings"). When the report is complete, file by clicking on Submit DR-2 on the Summary page.