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Help for DR-2 Schedule H2 Property Sales

Schedule H2 Form Fields:




Purchaser Alpha Numeric Yes
Date Select Box Yes
Amount Numeric Yes
Not Donated Checkbox No
Explanation Alpha/Numeric Yes

Schedule H2 - Property Sales

  1. Click on "Property Sales" on the left side of the screen. The first time it will show no property sold. Click on the "New Sale" to add a transaction.
  2. The sale or donation of campaign property by a candidate’s committee is reported here.
  3. If the contact has been used before or is a committee, the application will search as you type in the "Payee" field. When you tab to the next field, the address information will be completed. If the contact is new, type in the name and address information and when you save the transaction, the contact will be saved to your contact list.
  4. Enter the required information for the property sold. List the price paid in the "Amount" field, if sold, or the estimated value, if donated. If the property was sold, check the "Not Donated" box. Describe the property in the "Explanation" box. Click on "Save Sale ".
  5. On the next screen click on "New Sale" and follow the above steps to add additional sales of property.
  6. To end session, click on "Logout" (left side of screen, under "Settings"). When the report is complete, file by clicking on Submit DR-2 on the Summary page.
  7. NOTE: PACs and statutory party committees are not required by statute to use this form.