Tips and Tricks for Electronic Filing with IECDB Web Reporting System
The following list of techniques, suggestions, and other tidbits may expand the functionality, fun, and enjoyment of using this application:
  1. When entering text into a web form you might find it quicker to use the keyboard (TAB) key.
    1. Pressing the (TAB) key will move your cursor to the next box.
    2. Pressing the (SHIFT + TAB) keys will move your cursor to the previous box.
  2. If your cursor is positioned on a button you may execute (simulate a click) by hitting the (ENTER) key.
  3. Type first letter (or number) of selection in a drop-down box and the first occurrence of that letter will appear. Type the same letter (or number) and the next occurrence in the list will appear. This means that in a "state" field, typing "I" will bring up "IA" for "Iowa". In a "year" field, click on "2" for "2000", "2" again for "2001", etc. Or use your arrow keys to move through the drop down list, then TAB out when your selection appears.
  4. Required information fields have a * beside them.
  5. View Auditor Notes for any adjustments, clarification by staff auditors, etc.
    1. minimum of 8 characters
    2. can be alpha or any combination of alpha/numeric
    3. are case-sensitive
    4. if entered incorrectly five times, you will be locked out for eight hours - see #5 for remedies.
    5. if unable to log on due to incorrect or forgotten password, you can wait the eight hours and try again, if locked out and password is found; you can contact IECDB and have the password reset to a new one, or you can logon with userid/user name and check the box "Forgot Password." Your password will then be automatically sent to you by the system, so be sure the e-mail address you will be using is entered and kept updated under "My Account" and "Settings."
  7. After Registration, the ID referred to is the UserID/user name, not the Committee ID number.
  8. To sort a field on the report or contact list (contributor, amount, etc.) click on the field name.

The system retains your "contact" information (contributors and vendors) so that you do not need to repeatedly enter address information for them. For example, perhaps you wrote several checks to the ABC Printing Company for brochures. The first time, you will need to enter the ABC Printing Company and its address; first select contact type, then fill in the name and address fields. The next time you have a transaction with the ABC Printing Company, select contact type from the drop-down list. Start typing the name and the application will start searching your contact list. Select the correct contact, in this case ABC Printing Company. When you move to the next field, the address information is filled in for you. You will not need to enter address details for this contact again unless it changes (see contact HELP for making changes).

The system also includes a complete list of all committees. Therefore, if you have a transaction involving a committee, you would simply select "Committee" from the contact type list, then start typing the name of the committee and select from the list provided. The name and address details are automatically entered from data in IECDB records when you move to the next field.

Committees can go in and out of the system as often as they like during the filing period. Create the filing period, and then add transactions as they come up. When it is time to submit the report, click on "DR2 Submit."

NOTE: The Board will not have access to your data until you click on SUBMIT. Your data will be maintained on a secure server.

Remember when viewing filed reports they may contain errors that, when audited by IECDB, will require additional information or correction.


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