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CSV or XML - How to Fix Business Errors

  1. A business error is when data imported does not conform with IECDB rules.

  2. When an error is found in the list of new imported records ( click here to see example) click on the checkbox under the red circle with white x error symbol.

  3. This will make the red circle with white x error symbol disappear and will be replaced by Edit and Remove buttons. ( click here to see example)

    The Edit button allows you to fix the error in the application. It opens a new browser window with details of the transaction you wish to Edit. ( click here to see example)

    The Remove button does just that – removes the transaction completely, allowing you to move on quickly without making corrections. However, you will then need to enter the transaction manually after the other transactions are imported or import the transaction(s) in error again after correcting the data in your other system or xml file.
  4. Once all red circle with white x error symbols are gone you can save the rest of the transactions. Then the import is complete.