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CSV or XML Procedures

  1. Log on to IECDB Web Reporting System

  2. Click Schedules Tab

  3. Click Contribution or Expenditure Tab

  4. Click Import Button

  5. Click Browse Button

  6. Find and Select your XML or CSV File (Recommended file size is 200-250 records)

  7. Click Import Button

  8. Click OK Button

  9. Click on Review Uploaded Records

  10. Search list of imported transactions for error(s)

  11. Edit any records with errors

  12. Click on Save Contributions or Expenditures Button (Once saved, the only way to delete or change is manually by the user.) *

  13. Click on Save Complete - Return to Contribution List*

* Note: If you do not Save Contributions or Expenditures before Returning to Full List, you will lose your import and have to re-do it.