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PACs Brochure Information Index


Below are brochures provided by the Board which contain helpful information regarding reporting requirements.

Registering Committee (last updated 08/2005)


Dissolving Committee (last updated 08/2005)


Paid for by attribution on Political Material (last updated 04/2010)


Guide for Campaign Fundraising (last updated 04/2012)


Use of Public Money or Property for Political Purposes (last updated 07/2004)


Guide for Prohibited & Permitted Corporate Activity (last updated 07/2004)


Questions & Answers for Political Action Committees (PACs) (last updated 07/2005)


Local Ballot Issue (last updated 10/2011)


Campaign Sign Placement (last updated 08/2008)


These brochures are meant as general guidelines. Please refer to the campaign finance laws in Iowa Code 68A and the rules in Chapter 4 of the Iowa Administrative Code or contact the Board with any question.