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2000-23 Candidates Speaking in School Classroom

2000-24 Posting of Campaign Literature in Classrooms as Part of Curriculum

2000-25 Placement of "paid for by" Attribution Statement on Web Sites and E-mails

*rule 4.39(2)

*modified by opinion 2006-10

2000-26 Prohibition on Receipt of Contributions from Other Candidates

*rescinded by opinion 2004-12

2000-27 Personal Vehicle with Campaign Signs Parked on Public Property

*rescinded by opinion 2004-13

2000-28 Using Personal Vehicle with Campaign Signs During Governmental Business

*rescinded by opinion 2004-13

2000-29 Proper Reporting of Fees Paid to Lobbyists by Clients

*rule 8.9

2000-30 Lobbyists' Clients No Longer Permitted to File Exemptions

*rule 8.9

2000-31 Political Advertising on Public Right-of-Way When Any Group May Use Sign

*issued to Steven Pick, City of Remsen/rule 5.5(2)

2000-32 Bumper Stickers Not Part of Campaign Sign Prohibitions

*rescinded by opinion 2004-32

2000-33 Candidate Permitted to be Chair of State Party/94 Formal ADV. Op. 4 Rescinded

*issued to Senator Mary Kramer



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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