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2002-12 Parties/Central committees Automatically Created, Not When Financial Threshold Met

* rescinded by opinion 2009-05

2002-13 Reimbursements to Governmental Bodies for Campaign Expenses

*rule 5.5(4)

2002-14 Discussions Concerning Gubernatorial Appointments Not Lobbying

*rule 8.3

2002-15 County Supervisor Serving as Independent Contractor with other Public Offices

*issued to Pamela Jordan, Candidate for Dickinson County Supervisor

2002-16 Member of Employment Appeal Board Running for School Board

*issued to Mary Ann Spicer, Employment Appeal Board

2002-17 Use of Campaign funds for Purchase of Humanitarian Award

*issued to Representative Wayne Ford

2002-18 Area Education Agency Employee Serving on School Board



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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