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Advisory Opinions for 2003

2003-01 PACs Must Appoint a Separate Chair and Treasurer

*rule 4.4(1)

2003-02 Effect of Granted Waiver on Repeat Delinquency/Opinion 2000-18 Rescinded

2003-03 Revocable and Living Trusts Not Required to Register as PACs

*rule 4.31(3)

2003-04 County Hospital Trustees are County Candidates

2003-05 Use of Campaign Funds to Pay for Traffic Tickets

2003-06 Campaign Materials Distributed at Candidate Forum in a School

*rule 5.5(3)

2003-07 Department of Education Employee Serving on Athletic Association Boards

*issued to Carol Greta, Department of Education

2003-08 Filing of Executive Branch Lobbyist Client Reports/2003 Iowa Acts, HF 583

*rule 8.9/rescinded by Opinion 2004-08

2003-09 Retention of Campaign Filings/Opinion 2001-19 modified

* rescinded by opinion 2009-06

2003-10 Chief Operating Officer of Subdivision Serving on Banking Firm's Board of Directors

*issued to Peter Pashler, Attorney

2003-11 Receipt of Free Gift with Purchase



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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