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2003-12 Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Contributions to Christian Coalition

*issued to Gentry Collins, Republican Party

2003-13 Registered Lobbyist Running for Mayor, Employer Coming Before City

*issued to Charles "Chaz" Allen, Candidate for Mayor of Newton

2003-14 Candidates Prohibited from Using Funds for Donations to Federal Candidates

*modified in Opinion 2004-12

2003-15 SEAT Paying Public Officials and Employees to Speak at Program

* issued to Paul Coates, Iowa State University

2003-16 Using Funds for Lodging During Special Session

2003-17 Members of State Historical Society Board of Trustees not Defined as "Officials"

*issued to Jeff Nelson, Attorney General's Office

2003-18 Grass Roots Lobbying Activities Not Considered Executive Branch Lobbying

*rule 8.1

2003-19 Charter Schools are Public Schools for Purposes of Ethics Laws

*rule 5.3

2003-20 County Central Committees Involved in Local Ballot Issue Election



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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