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2004-12 Prohibition on Contributions from Other Candidates/Opinion 2000-26 Rescinded

*rule 4.25

2004-13 Signs on Personal Vehicles/Opinions 2000-27, 2000-28 & 2000-32 Rescinded

*rules in chapter 5

2004-14 Prohibition on Renting Corporate Property to Place Sign/Opinion 2001-02 Modified

2004-15 County Commissioner of Elections involved with Campaigns

2004-16 Session Reception Reporting Forms

*issued to Matthew Eide, lobbyist

2004-17 Acceptance of Academic Position after Leaving State Government

*issued to Therese Vaughan, Insurance Commissioner

2004-18 Use of Campaign Funds for Economic Development Trip to South Korea

*issued to Senator Gene Fraise

2004-19 When Volunteer Time is a Campaign Contribution

2004-20 Use of E-mail by a Prohibited Contributor



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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