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2005- Acceptance of Post State Employment

*issued to Marvin L. Tooman, Ed.D., Dept. of Inspections and Appeals

2005- Sponsor/Vendor Fees for Conference and Reporting of Agency Gifts

*issued to Greg Anliker, Dept. of Elder Affairs

2005- Gifts for State Historical Society and Reporting of Agency Gifts

*issued to Gordon Hendrickson, Department of Cultural Affairs

2005- Use of County Government Office Space and Reporting of Agency Gifts

*issued to Steven Young, Department of Inspections and Appeals

2005- Information to be Disclosed on Executive Branch Lobbyist and Client Reports

2005- Receipt of Gifts by Officials/Employees and Filing of Agency Gift Reports

2005- Leasing of Property to Person Who Might be Subject to Regulatory Authority

*issued to Arnita Wesphal, Iowa Racing/Gaming Commission

2005- Campaign Signs on Insurance Company Property when Owned as Franchise-Recinded

*recinded by Opinion 2016-03

2005- Restriction on Lobbying After Leaving State Government

*issued to John R. Gilliland, Association of Business and Industry

2005- Lobbyists/PACs Making Contributions During Session/Contested Primary

2005- IowAccess Advisory Council/Vertical Infrastructure Advisory Committee/Section 8.7

*issued to Patricia J. Lantz, Department of Administrative Services



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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