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Advisory Opinions for 2007

2007-01 Prohibited Contribution Mailed during Session/Candidate Receives after Session

*rule 8.15

2007-02 Application of Corporate Contribution Ban to other Types of Business Entities

2007-03 Response to RFP/Work on State Project after Termination of State Service

*issued to Leland Tack, Department of Education

2007-04 Acceptance of Post State Employment

*issued to Karlyn Dalsing, Department of Inspections and Appeals

2007-05 Filing of Schedule G When Payment Made to One Broadcasting Company for Ads

*issued to Kevin Boyd, House Campaign Director

2007-06 Application of Gift Law to 28E Entities

*issued to Todd Whipple, Project Manager, Fox Engineering Associates, Inc.

2007-07 Permitted and Prohibited Placement of Campaign Signs/Opinion 2005-07 Modified

* modified by opinion 2008-14

2007-08 City Council Member Voting on Issues Involving Private Sector Employer

*issued to Cindy Litwiller, City Council Member

2007-09 Students Giving Gifts to Teachers

*issued to Kendra Caruth, parent

2007-10 Expenditures from State Party Building Fund for the Iowa Presidential Caucus

*issued to Nicholas A. Klinefeldt, Ahlers & Cooney, P.C, and Matthew McDermott, Belin



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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