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Advisory Opinions for 2010

2010-01 Purchasing of Campaign Materials/Independent Expenditure Coordination Issue

* Issued to Steve Grubbs, Victory Enterprises

2010-02 Dates/Times for Filing Campaign Reports/Opinions 2008-13 & 2009-02 Updated

*opinions 2008-13 & 2009-02 modified

2010-03 National Organization for Marriage, Inc./Independent Expenditures

*issued to Zachary Kester, Bopp, Coleson & Bostrom, Terre Haute, Indiana

2010-04 Registering A Committee Required/Opinions 2005-08 and 2009-05 Modified

*modified by Opinion 2016-02

2010-05 Iowa Progress Project/Independent Expenditures

*issued to Allison Kleis, Iowa Progress Project

2010-06 Employee Providing Training to Entity and Submitting Private Sector Bids to Entity

*issued to Bill Brand, Department of Human Rights

2010-07 Application of Independent Expenditure Law to AFA Action, Inc/Iowa for Freedom

*issued to William Gustoff, Whitaker Hagenow GBMG Law Firm

2010-08 Campaign Events on Corporate Campus

*issued to Marc Beltrame, Brown Winick Law Firm

2010-09 Engaging or Retaining a Campaign Advertising Firm/Consultant

*issued to Nicole Schlinger, President, Capitol Resources, Inc.

2010-10 Dispersion of Campaign Funds/Campaign Property on Behalf of Deceased Candidate

2010-11 Contributions to Independent Expenditure Committee



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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