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2000-11 When an Issue is a "Ballot Issue" for Purposes of Prohibition on Use of Public Funds

*rule 4.1(5)

2000-12 Prohibition on Use of Campaign Funds for Lodging Expenses during Session

2000-13 Clarification of When a Campaign Contributions is "Received"

*rule 4.14(2)

2000-14 Use of Campaign Funds for Booth at National Party Convention

*issued to Mary Polson, Campaign Treasurer

2000-15 School Board Members Advocating a Position at School Board Meeting

*rule 5.5(1)

2000-16 Interest Charged on Loans Made by Candidate to His/Her Own Campaign

* modified by opinion 2009-03

2000-17 Placement of Brochures on Vehicles Parked on Public Property

*rule 5.5(2)

2000-18 Effect of Granted Civil Penalty Waiver Request on Repeat Delinquency

*rescinded by 2003-02

2000-19 "Monitoring" of Issue Not Considered Lobbying

*rule 8.3

2000-20 Solicitation of Employees by Corporate Sponsor for PAC

2000-21 Registered Lobbyist Failing to Register on Behalf of Other Clients

* rule 8.7(3)

2000-22 Time Limits on Placement of Campaign Signs Not Enforceable

*statute repealed



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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