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Year: 2016

2016-01 City employee on City Council

*originally opined in AO2008-08, modified

2016-02 Registering a Committtee

*modifies AO 2005-08, 2009-05 and 2010-04

2016-03 Definition of Insurance Company

*recinds 2005-19

2016-04 Use and Reporting of Credit and Debit Card Purchases

*modifies 2001-12

2016-05 Attributon Statement on Emails

*updates/modifies 2000-25, 2006-10

2016-06 Definition of Dependent Children

*issued to Lee A. Wilkinson, Director, Operations, Iowa Dept. of Transportation

2016-07 Vehicle with Campaign Sign Parked on Public Property

2016-08 Permissability of Contractor paying costs of on-site readiness review

*issued to J. Bradley Horn, Asst. Attorney General, Iowa Dept. of Justice



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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