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2008-15 Prohibited Contributor Providing Refreshments at Campaign Events

*rule 4.44(4)

2008-16 Prohibition on Contributions During Legislative Session Includes the First/Last Days

*rule 8.5(4)

2008-17 Prohibition on Family Farm Corporations Making Contributions

*rule 4.44

2008-18 Use of Campaign Funds for Sponsorship of Event When Candidate Does Not Attend

2008-19 Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Service/Professional Organization Membership

*rule 4.25(1)"t"

2009-02 Dates/Times for Filing Campaign Reports/Opinion 2008-13 Updated

* modifies opinion 2008-13/modified by opinion 2010-02

2009-03 Candidate Interest on Loan to Own Campaign Prohibited/Opinion 2000-16 Rescinded

* rescinds opinion 2000-16/ rule 4.25(1)"u"

2009-04 Filing of Updated DR-SFA for New Election

*rule 4.11

2009-05 Registering a Committee Required/Opinions 2005-08 Modified and 2002-12 Rescinded

* rescinds opinion 2002-12, modifies 2005-08/modified by opinion 2016-02



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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