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2011-01 Outstanding Loan/Conflict of Interest

2011-03 Application to Gift Law for Governor's Staffers

*issued to S. Brenna Findley

2011-04 Acceptance of Post Employment after serving as State Public Defender

*issued to Samual Langholz

2012-01 Nomination Petition in Government Office

2013-04 Governor's former Chief of State engaging in government affairs and relations work

*issued to Paula Dierenfeld, Jeffrey Boeyink

2015-03 Filing of Personal Financial Disclosure by alternate members of Parole Board

*issued to John F. Hodges, Chairman, Board of Parole

2015-04 68B.4 is triggered by indirect conflict of interest

*issued to Cory R. Thein

2015-06 Information regarding summit on affordable homeownership issues inviting Presidential candidates

*issued to David Jamison, Executive Director

2015-08 Scholarship fund for Treasurer's Association is restricted gift to direct family members

* Representative Prichard



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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