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2000-27 Personal Vehicle with Campaign Signs Parked on Public Property

*rescinded by opinion 2004-13

2000-28 Using Personal Vehicle with Campaign Signs During Governmental Business

*rescinded by opinion 2004-13

2000-31 Political Advertising on Public Right-of-Way When Any Group May Use Sign

*issued to Steven Pick, City of Remsen/rule 5.5(2)

2000-32 Bumper Stickers Not Part of Campaign Sign Prohibitions

*rescinded by opinion 2004-32

2000-40 Community Colleges are Considered "State Agencies" for Purposes of Ethics Law

*rule 6.2

2001-04 Ability to Use County Funds to Distribute Letters that do not Advocate a Campaign

*issued to Mike Wolf, Clinton County Attorney/rule 5.5(5)

2001-05 Application of Gift Law to Winning Door Prize or Drawing

2001-09 Permissible Gift Limit is $3.00 Not $2.99 from Restricted Donors

2001-10 "Working Lunches" Subject to Gift Law



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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