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Advisory Opinions - Campaign Funds, Use of

2000-03 Purchase of Newspaper Subscriptions to The Des Moines Register, The Wall Street Journal and Roll Call magazine with Campaign Funds

* rule 4.25(1) "s"

2000-04 Individuals Using Campaign Funds for Rental or Purchase of Formal Wear to Attend Political Functions

*rule 4.25(1)4"i"

2000-07 Individuals Using Campaign Funds for Purpose of Paying Membership Dues to Belong to a Chamber of Commerce

*rule 4.25(1)"t"

2000-09 Use of Campaign Funds to Purchase Refreshments for Campaign Related Meeting

*issued to Representative Christopher Rants

2000-10 Prohibition on Purchase of Food with Campaign Funds Except for Campaign Purposes

*rules 4.25(1)"h"&"p", 4.25(2)"b"&"c"

2000-12 Prohibition on Use of Campaign Funds for Lodging Expenses during Session

2000-14 Use of Campaign Funds for Booth at National Party Convention

*issued to Mary Polson, Campaign Treasurer

2000-16 Interest Charged on Loans Made by Candidate to His/Her Own Campaign

* modified by opinion 2009-03



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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