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2000-26 Prohibition on Receipt of Contributions from Other Candidates

*rescinded by opinion 2004-12

2001-03 Use of Campaign funds for Memorial Flowers

*issued to Representative Polly Bukta

2002-17 Use of Campaign funds for Purchase of Humanitarian Award

*issued to Representative Wayne Ford

2003-05 Use of Campaign Funds to Pay for Traffic Tickets

2003-12 Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Contributions to Christian Coalition

*issued to Gentry Collins, Republican Party

2003-14 Candidates Prohibited from Using Funds for Donations to Federal Candidates

*modified in Opinion 2004-12

2003-16 Using Funds for Lodging During Special Session

2004-12 Prohibition on Contributions from Other Candidates/Opinion 2000-26 Rescinded

*rule 4.25

2004-18 Use of Campaign Funds for Economic Development Trip to South Korea

*issued to Senator Gene Fraise



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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