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Advisory Opinions - Campaigning Using Governmental
Property/Resources - Local Government Ethics

2000-01 Individuals Wearing Law Enforcement Uniforms While Campaigning

2000-05 Public Officials and Employees Using Official Job Titles in Campaign Literature

*rule 5.5(6)

2000-06 Public Officials and Employees Wearing Articles of Clothing and Other Campaign Materials on Public Property

*rule 5.5(8)

2000-11 When an Issue is a "Ballot Issue" for Purposes of Prohibition on Use of Public Funds

*rule 4.1(5)

2000-15 School Board Members Advocating a Position at School Board Meeting

*rule 5.5(1)

2000-17 Placement of Brochures on Vehicles Parked on Public Property

*rule 5.5(2)

2000-23 Candidates Speaking in School Classroom

2000-24 Posting of Campaign Literature in Classrooms as Part of Curriculum



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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