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2007-02 Application of Corporate Contribution Ban to other Types of Business Entities

2008-05 Purchases Do Not Trigger Filing of Verified Statement of Registration

2008-09 527 Committees Making Campaign Contributions

2008-10 Application of Campaign Laws/Payment for Personal Expenses

2008-15 Prohibited Contributor Providing Refreshments at Campaign Events

*rule 4.44(4)

2008-17 Prohibition on Family Farm Corporations Making Contributions

*rule 4.44

2010-08 Campaign Events on Corporate Campus

*issued to Marc Beltrame, Brown Winick Law Firm

2011-07 Application of corporate contribution ban to LLC owned by corporation

*issued to Adam Gregg

2015-05 Parties may accept corporation contributions for presidential caucus activities and proper reporting

*issued to Shayla McCormally, Iowa Democratic party



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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