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Advisory Opinions - Contributions During Session

2000-13 Clarification of When a Campaign Contributions is "Received"

*rule 4.14(2)

2001-01 Contributions from Lobbyists and PACs during Special Session

*rule 8.15

2002-09 Prohibition on Lobbyist Contribution During Session Applies to Iowa Lobbyists Only

*rule 8.15

2004-07 Lobbyist as a Candidate Making Contributions to own Campaign during Session

*rule 8.15(2)"d"

2005-21 Lobbyists/PACs Making Contributions During Session/Contested Primary

2007-01 Prohibited Contribution Mailed during Session/Candidate Receives after Session

*rule 8.15

2008-16 Prohibition on Contributions During Legislative Session Includes the First/Last Days

*rule 8.5(4)



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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