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Advisory Opinions - Post State Employment

2000-43 Acceptance of Employment After Participating in RFP Drafting Process

*issued to Thomas Frolick, IDOP

2002-04 Application of 68B.7 to Appointment of Tom Gronstal as Superintendent of Banking

*issued to Brian Gentry, Governor's Office

2004-17 Acceptance of Academic Position after Leaving State Government

*issued to Therese Vaughan, Insurance Commissioner

2005-03 Ban on Certain Lobbying Activities Does Not Apply to Out-of-State Lobbying

2005-12 Acceptance of Post State Employment

*issued to Marvin L. Tooman, Ed.D., Dept. of Inspections and Appeals

2005-20 Restriction on Lobbying After Leaving State Government

*issued to John R. Gilliland, Association of Business and Industry

2006-16 DHS Employee Accepting Post State Employment with Provider to Disabled Persons

*issued to Michael Davis, DHS

2007-03 Response to RFP/Work on State Project after Termination of State Service

*issued to Leland Tack, Department of Education



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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