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2007-04 Acceptance of Post State Employment

*issued to Karlyn Dalsing, Department of Inspections and Appeals

2008-01 Acceptance of Employment with Law Firm after Leaving Iowa Finance Authority

*issued to James H. Smith, Iowa Finance Authority

2008-02 State Employee Referring Potential Clients to Adult Son’s Private Sector Business

*issued to Judy A. Jeffrey, Director, Department of Education

2008-11 Application of Post-State Employment Provisions on Interim State Positions

*rule 6.2

2009-07 Restrictions in Iowa Code section 68B.7 Clarified by Statutory Amendment

2009-08 Assisting in Securing Grant as State Employee and then Working for Grant Recipient

* issued to Ben Woodworth, Iowa Department of Public Health

2011-04 Acceptance of Post Employment after serving as State Public Defender

*issued to Samual Langholz

2013-04 Governor's former Chief of State engaging in government affairs and relations work

*issued to Paula Dierenfeld, Jeffrey Boeyink



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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