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Advisory Opinions - Reporting

2005-10 Applicability of Campaign Laws to Recounts/Contested Elections

2006-02 Filing of Campaign Report Prior to Statement of Organization Filed

*rule 4.7(1)

2006-08 Running as Lieutenant Governor and Registering Committee/Filing Reports

2006-09 Legislative Candidate Soliciting/Delivering Contributions for Another Candidate

*issued to Gina Noll

2007-05 Filing of Schedule G When Payment Made to One Broadcasting Company for Ads

*issued to Kevin Boyd, House Campaign Director

2008-03 Which Officers are Required to be Disclosed on Statement of Organization

*rule 4.4(1)

2008-05 Purchases Do Not Trigger Filing of Verified Statement of Registration

2008-06 Use of Candidate Campaign Funds for Meals/Proper Disclosure



* indicates issued to specific person, update to opinion, or rule where opinion is now adopted.

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