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These pages contain lists of persons who have been admonished to exercise care in the future for a minor violation of a Board statute or rule.  An admonishment is not discipline and is not subject to a contested case appeal.  Rather, it serves as a warning for future conduct.

There is a table for each month that admonishments were issued. The table contains a list of the persons who received an admonishment as well as a link to the actual scanned Admonishments for the period. You will need to scroll the pages to find the person you wish to view.



This is a list of persons/committees who received an admonishment during the month of March, 2006.

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  • Scott Te Strote, Premier Communications, Inc.
  • Bob Ockerman, Committee to Elect Ockerman
  • Richard Alldredge, Linn County Republican Central Committee
  • Daniel Lucas, Keokuk County Democratic Central Committee
  • Tamara Scott, Scott for State Representative
  • Lori Schieltz, Concerned Citizens of 2005
  • Richard Conn, Clarke County Democratic Central Committee
  • Dan Gonnerman, Story County Republican Central Committee
  • Wade Wagner, Wagner for Council
  • Kathy Applegate, East Pottawattamie Referendum Committee
  • Calvin Tyer, Calvin Tyer Campaign
  • Laura Sands, Sands for State Senate
  • Keith Radig, Radig for State House
  • Bonnie Donnolly, Alliant Energy
  • Clinton Fichter, Fichter for Auditor
  • Marla McCoid, Marla McCoid for Mayor
  • Gary F. Short, Independence Bancshares, Inc./Charitable Foundation
  • Todd Ripper, Committee to Elect Todd Ripper
  • Neil Schuerer, Schuerer for State Senate
  • Mike Hartwig, Friends of Mike Hartwig for Secretary of State
  • Michael Streeper, Streeper for Supervisor
  • Sylvia Belzer, Committee to Elect Sylvia Belzer
  • Pat Taylor, Pat Taylor for Senate
  • Steven Adams, Adams - Rural Voice - 2004
  • Theodore Webster, Reform Party of Iowa
  • Tom Slater, State Public Policy Group/ICTC

This is a list of persons/committees who received an admonishment during the month of July, 2006.

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  • Neila Seaman, Sierra Club, Iowa Chapter
  • Gerard D. Neugent, KC Real Estate L.C.
  • Bill Fink
  • Doug Abolt, Abolt for Senate
  • Tim Anderson, Committee to Elect Tim Anderson
  • Burlin Matthews, Matthews (Burlin) for Supervisor
  • John Mineart, John Mineart for State Senate
  • Jack Chaney, Committee to Elect Jack Chaney for Supervisor
  • Larry L. Vest, Vest (Larry L) for Supervisor
  • Dennis Johnson, Johnston (Dennis) for Supervisor
  • LaVonne Bjergum
  • Linda Swanson, Committee to Elect Linda Swanson
  • Matt Bemrich, Citizens (Matt) for Bemrich
  • Frank Flanders, Ottumwans for (Frank) Flanders
  • Melissa O'Rourke, Melissa O'Rourke Sioux County Attorney
  • Kenneth Hach, Committee to Elect Kenneth Hach
  • Roger Andersen, There Is A Better Way Committee
  • Gary Van Buskirk, Ringgold County Republican Central Committee
  • Don C. Paulson, Muscatine County Democratic Central Committee
  • Terry Kocher, Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee
  • Clarissa Nicholson, Grundy County Democratic Central Committee
  • Andy Bunch, Cherokee County Republican Central Committee
  • Howard Heisterkamp, Carroll County Democratic Central Committee
  • Kevin Slinger, Slinger (Kevin) for Senate
  • Lorna Richards, Citizens for (Lorna) Richards
  • Wes Whitead, Committee to Elect Wes Whitead
  • Richard E. Bordwell, Yes 4 Kids
  • Dan Whitmore, Whitmore for House

This is a list of persons/committees who received an admonishment during the month of November, 2006.

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  • Karl A. Helgevold, Karl A. Helgevold Campaign Account
  • Keith Dencklau, Committee to Elect Dencklau, County Supervisor, District 1
  • Paula A. Kuhfus, HR Care
  • Michael J. Hansen, Jackson County Republican Central Committee
  • Andrea Roys, Fayette County Republican Central Committee
  • Janice Horton, Horton for Treasurer
  • Linda Yoder, Yoder for Supervisor
  • Don Pech, Montgomery County Republican Central Committee
  • Richard Baber, Baber for Supervisor Committee
  • Vicki R. Danley, Committee to Re-elect Vicki R. Danley
  • Lamoyne Gaard, Lamoyne Gaard for Supervisor
  • Sharon McNutt, Mills County Republican Central Committee
  • Paul Merten, Committee to Elect Paul Merten
  • James E. Black, Kossuth County Republican Central Committee
  • George Tracy, George Tracy for Ankeny School Board
  • JJ Harvey, Campaign to Elect JJ Harvey for School Board
  • Tim Krumm, Tim Krumm for School Board
  • Everett L. Grasty, Grasty for Supervisor
  • Wesley Enos, People for Enos
  • Joe Lyon, Joe Lyon for STC School Board Committee
  • Ronald F. Donald, Benton County Democratic Central Committee.
  • Larry D. King, Re-elect King for Supervisor
  • Gayle Bortz, Lucas County Agriculture Extension Referendum
  • Jim Buschkamp, Iowans for Buschkamp
  • Ed Failor, Jr.
  • Greg Orr, Friends of Greg Orr
  • CLC Granger



This is a list of persons/committees who received an admonishment during the month of December, 2006.

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  • Jeff Johannsen, Johannsen for State House Committee
  • Jerry W. Lange, Jerry W. Lange Committee to Elect
  • Chris Bearden, Tama County Enrichment Committee
  • Darold "Butch" Ostrander, Citizens to Elect Ostrander
  • Clark Madison, Committee to Elect Clark Madison
  • Paul Goldsmith, Lucas County Republican Central Committee
  • Bob Hoodjer, Hoodjer for Supervisor Committee
  • Cyndi Pedersen, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Gordon Hendrickson, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Anita Walker, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Gene Phillips