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Civil Penalties


January 19, 2004 Reports

Benton (David) Thompson for County Attorney 
Clarke Committee to Elect Frank Hamilton - $50  (paid)
Dickinson Re-elect Sheriff (Greg) Baloun - $50  (paid)
Dickinson Comm to Re-elect Pamela G Jordan - $50  (paid)
Hardin Friends of Jeff Friest for Supervisor  - $100  (waived)
Henry (Lyle) Parriott for Sheriff - $100  (paid)
Polk Dennis Clemens for Polk County Supervisor - $100  (waived)
Pottawattamie Betty Moats for County Supervisor - $100  (paid)
Sac Committee to Elect Dean Stock - $50  (waived)
Scott Committee to Elect (Lolita) Bauer - $200
Scott Citizens for Cammie Pohl - $20  (waived)
Story (Gary) Titus for Supervisor Committee - $50  (paid)
Van Buren The Committee to Elect Adam Perkins - $20  (paid)
Warren (Marvin) Grace for Supervisor - $50  (paid)