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Civil Penalties


May 19, 2004 Reports

Cerro Gordo (Phillip) Dougherty for Supervisor Committee - $20  (paid)
Clinton Citizens for Excellence in Government - $50  (waived)
Dickinson Committee to Re-elect (David) Gottsche Supervisor - $20  (paid)
Howard (Mic) Gamez for Auditor - $20  (paid)
Johnson (Tom) Slockett for Auditor Committee - $20  (waived)
Madison Re-elect Paul D Welch for Sheriff - $20  (paid)
Marion (Jake) Grandia for Auditor - $20  (paid)
Pottawattamie (Richard) Baber for Supervisor Comm - $100
Ringgold Committee to Elect Ronche Still - $20  (paid)