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Civil Penalties


January 19, 2006 Reports

Benton Ronald Buch for Supervisor - $50 (reduced/paid)
Buchanan Witt (Cindy) for Auditor Committee - $20 (paid)
Dallas Committee to Elect Brian Gilbert Sheriff - $20 (paid)
Fayette Joe Kasel for Supervisor - $50 (waived)
Fayette Committee to Elect Rudy Moritz Fayette County Supervisor - $100 (paid)
Johnson Benn (Richard) for Supervisor - $20 (paid)
Lee Ron Fraise for Supervisor Committee - $20
O'Brien Waund (Emily) for Supervisor - $20
Pottawattamie Citizens for (Matthew) Wilber - $100 (paid)
Scott Committee to Elect (Neil) Baker - $100
Scott Citizens for (Robert) McGivern - $100 (paid)
Union Committee to Elect Bill Hayes - $50 (paid)
Woodbury Citizens for Dougherty (Martin) - $20 (paid)
Woodbury Friends and Supports of Pat Gill - $20 (paid)