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Civil Penalties


January 19, 2011 Reports



Black Hawk Tom Little for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
Dickinson Committee to Elect Jason Carlstrom- $20 (paid)
Dickinson Committee to Elect Boetel -$20 (paid)
CHICKASAW Byrne for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
DICKINSON Committee to Elect Boetel -$20
GUTHRIE Britt Gagne for County Attorney -$20 (paid)
HARDIN Tilton for County Attorney -$20 (paid)
HUMBOLDT Committee to Elect Jennifer Benson Davis -$20 (paid
POWESHIEK Petig for Poweshiek County Attorney Committee -$20 (paid)
STORY Corrieri for Treasurer -$20 (paid)
WOODBURY Walish for Supervisor -$20
ALLAMAKEE Cloy Kuhse for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
BOONE Lusher for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
JEFFERSON Reed for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
LINN Feldmann for Sheiff -$100 (paid)
LEE Committee to Elect Pflug - $100 (waived)
HARDIN Tim Smith for Hardin County Sheriff -$100
WASHINGTON Dunbar for Sheriff -$100 paid
CARROLL Committee to Elect Nieland -$100
CLINTON Phelps for Sheriff -$100 (waiver denied, paid)
POLK Adams for Polk County Treasurer (waiver denied, paid)
BOONE Hallberg for Supervisor -$100