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Civil Penalties


January 19, 2012 Reports


Allamakee Schelhammer for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
Allamakee Sherry Hartong for Supervisor - $50 (paid)
Appanoose Jody McDanel for Supervisor - $50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Appanoose Committee to Re-elect Dean Kaster Supervisor - $50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Benton Geater for Treasurer - $20 (paid)
Black Hawk Griffith for Treasurer - $50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Black Hawk Judy McCarthy for Recorder - $20 (paid)
Black Hawk Green Party of Black Hawk County, Iowa - $50 (paid)
Boone Committee to Elect Veronica Rardin for Recorder -$50 (paid)
Calhoun Committee to Elect Kathy Bennett - $50 (paid)
Carroll Citizens to Elect Sibenaller for Supervisor - $50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Carroll Friends to Elect Bass - $50 (paid)
Carroll Committee to Re-Elect Dopheide -$100 (paid)
Cedar Boedeker for Supervisor - $20 (paid)
Cedar Simkin for County Attorney -$50 (paid)
Dickinson Committee to Elect Boetel - $100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Dallas Citizens to Elect Ostrander -$50 (paid)
Franklin Eberling Committee - $20 (waiver requested)
Greene Tom Contner Greene County Supervisor - $20 (paid)
Linn Denton for County Attorney - $100 (paid)
Marion Bowman for County Attorney - $50 (paid)
Polk Elect Mary Krieg -$100 (paid)
Polk Committee to Elect Mike Richardson -$100 (paid)
Pottawattamie Houser for Supervisor Committee - $50 (paid)
Scott Citizens for Feemire Committee -$20 (paid)
Scott Utter for Supervisor -$100
Scott Friends to Elect Brinson Kinzer -$100 (paid)
Wapello Committee to Re-elect Greg Kenning Wapello County Supervisor - $20 (paid)
Washington Brock for County Attorney - $50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
Washington Gilmore for Supervisor - $20 -waived
Worth Meyer for County Attorney - $50 (paid)
WOODBURY Walish for Supervisor -$100
VAN BUREN Committee to Re-elect Glenice Graber for Recorder -$100 (waiver requested)
HARDIN Tilton for County Attorney - $100 (paid)
DUBUQUE Klein for Supervisor -$100 (paid)
CEDAR Melissa Helmold for Recorder -$100 (paid)