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Civil Penalties


May 19, 2012 Reports


BLACKHAWK Veeder for Auditor - $100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
BOONE Foster for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
BUCHANAN Citizens for Wearmouth -$20
BUCHANAN Gosse for Auditor Committee-$20 (paid)
BUENA VISTA Ringgenberg for Supervisor-$20 (paid)
CEDAR Committee to Elect Warren M Wethington for Sheriff -$100 (waiver requested, reduced to $50, paid)
DALLAS Krumm for Auditor -$100 (waiver requested, reduced to $25 -paid)
KEOKUK Hinnah for Sheriff -$20 (paid)
KOSSUTH Amber Garman for Kossuth County Auditor -$20 (paid)
LYON Stewart Vander Stoep -$50 (paid)
MUSCATINE Committee to Elect Scott Sauer -$100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
POWESHIEK Committee to Elect Thomas Kriegel Sheriff -$50 (paid)
POWESHIEK Ann Brau for Supervisor -$100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
SHELBY Steve Kenkel - $50 (paid)
STORY Citizens to Re-Elect Clinton for Supervisor -$50 (paid)
STORY Reelect Fitzgerald Sheriff Campaign Committee -$100 (waived)
WARREN Shull Election Committee -$20 (paid)
WASHINGTON Matthew Latcham Campaign Committee-$20 (paid)
WAYNE Keith Davis for Sheriff -$20 (paid)
CARROLL Friends to Elect Bass Committee -$100 (reduced, paid)


Jensen for Auditor -$20 (paid)

WOODBURY Hobart for Supervisor -$100 (waiver requested)
CASS Duane C McFadden for County Supervisor -$50 ( paid)
GREENE Williams for Sheriff - $100 (paid)