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Civil Penalties


July 19, 2012 Reports


HARDIN Committe to Elect Dave McDaniel -$20 (paid)
JOHNSON Sullivan for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
MADISON Heidi Burhans for Madison County Auditor - $20 (paid)
CEDAR Committee to Elect Warren M Wethington for Sheriff - $200 (waiver requested, granted)
DALLAS Krumm for Auditor -$100 (paid)
DAVIS Committee to Elect Dave Davis for Sheriff -$20 (paid)
RINGGOLD Amanda Waske for Ringgold County Auditor-$20 (paid)
WEBSTER Jim Reed for Webster County-$20

Sandi Elliott for Louisa County Auditor-$20 (paid)

SHELBY HULL FOR SUPERVISOR-$20 (waiver requested, reduced to $10, paid)
BLACK HAWK Tom Little for Supervisor-$20 (paid)
DAVIS Committee to Elect Dave Davis for Sheriff-$20
POWESHIEK Trevor White for Poweshiek County Supervisor-$20 (paid)
POTTAWATTAMIE Citizens for Responsible Law Enforcement to Elect Hitchcock for Sheriff-$20 (paid)
POTTAWATTAMIE Gary Herman for Auditor-$20 (paid)
TAMA Re-elect Kucera for Sheriff - $50 (paid)
KEOKUK Beckie Appleget - $100 (waiver requested, reduced to $20, paid)
CHICKASAW Todd Miller for Sheriff -$100 (waiver requested, reduced to $50 paid)
CHICKASAW Re-Elect Andersen Supervisor Committee -$100 (waiver requested)
CHCKASAW Kollmann for Sheriff -$100 (paid)
LINN Ensuring Marion's Future -$100 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
KOSSUTH Amber Garman for Kossuth County Auditor -$200 (waiver requested, reduced to $20, paid)
JONES Committee to Elect Greg Graver Sheriff -$20 (paid)
WASHINGTON Matthew Latcham Campaign Committee -$200 (paid)
WASHINGTON Dunbar for Sheriff - ($100 paid)
POWESHIEK Ann Brau for Supervisor -$50 (waiver requested, denied, paid)
BREMER Brettmann for Supervisor -$100 (waived)
SHELBY Jerry Henscheid Democratic Candidate for Shelby County Super - $20 (paid)
HOWARD Kubik for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
CARROLL Friends to Elect Bass Committee -$200 (reduced, paid)
WOODBURY Hobart for Supervisor -$200 (waiver requested)
CASS Duane C McFadden for County Supervisor -$200 (waiver requested)
MILLS Ron Kohn -$100 (waiver requested)
BENTON Dick Meyer Campaign -$100 (waiver requested)
GREENE Williams for Sheriff -$200 (paid)
FLOYD Marr for Supervisor -$50 (reduced by waiver, paid)