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Civil Penalties


May 19, 2014 Reports


O'BRIEN Kurt Brown for Recorder - $20 (waived)
O'BRIEN Smith for O'Brien County Recorder -$20 (paid)
POTTAWATTAMIE Brandenbeurg for Pottawattamie County Recorder - $20 (paid)
CASS Wiederstein for Cass County Attorney -$20 (paid)
SCOTT Iowans for accountability -$20 (waiver requested, denied, paid
WARREN Yordi for Supervisor -$20 (paid)
HUMBOLDT Kathy Christianson -$20 (waived)
POLK Maloney for Treasurer -$20 (paid)
POLK Iowans for Bonita Davis - $20 (paid)
CERRO GORDO Pat Wright for CG County Treasurer - $20 (paid)
CHEROKEE Jacob Rosewall for Treasurer - $20 (paid)
LYON Hopp for Lyon County Treasurer -$50 (paid)