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Civil Penalties


January 19, 2015 Reports


ID Name County Penalty
19194 Donald A Kanne CARROLL $20 (paid)
19135 Criswell for County Attorney WARREN $20 (paid)
17009 Maloney for Treasurer POLK $20(paid)
18160 Tedrow for Sheriff VAN BUREN $20 (paid)
18910 Matthew Latcham Campaign Committee WASHINGTON $20 (paid)
19182 Cheek for Recorder STORY $20 (paid)
17085 Gosse for Auditor Committee BUCHANAN $20 (paid)
17217 Joell Deppe for Auditor Committee JACKSON $20
18942 Heidi Burhans for Madison County Auditor MADISON $20 (paid)
19285 Lundgren For Office DUBUQUE $20 (paid)
18956 Committee to Elect ThomasĀ  Kriegel Sheriff POWESHIEK $20 (paid)
19223 Brian Rohrig for Supervisor ADAIR $20 (paid)
18169 Committee to Elect Craig Busch Sheriff MADISON $20 (paid)
18797 Committee to Elect Brian Vos WARREN $50 -paid
19294 Stafford for Clinton County Recorder CLINTON $100